little_deer (little_deer) wrote,

Deep thought for the day.

If you are incapable of saying AND meaning "no", how can you consciously say "yes" and mean it? Are you aware of the values of "yes" and "no" unless you have used them both at least once?
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I do not think anyone is incapable of saying no. I think that some people know how much it hurts someone else when you tell them no. So you avoid it whenever possible.

OK. This might just be me.
How many times have you actually used the word no, and meant it? Was there ever a time when No actually meant NO and not just "no for now". ?
When Brenda begged me to stay.
Why could you do it then, but not now?
there's a difference between saying "no" and instinctively acting out on the "do not want" impulse.

You cannot know the difference between "yes" and "no" without knowing what "yes" and "no" mean. It's like how you cannot communicate without knowing what communication -is-.
Saying no is easy, meaning it can be hard in some cases.
Point taken :-) and revised statement. :-)
Hmmm...that is a good one.

I have had to learn the value of "no". For my own sanity. I've had to say no to a lot right now because if I did say yes, I don't know that I would be able to do right by that yes.
Good points.

There are also times when "no" is said and the other party refuses to hear or accept it.
*nods* very true, and very sad when it happens, still all you can do is establish the boundary by which to work, which is hard for some of us :-) (nah, no boundary issues in our group *chuckles*)